We are thankful for our improved, priceless health!

We are thankful for our improved, priceless health!

Anyone can lose weight, however, many lose their health right along with it! And, then to keep it off… that’s the toughest part! I was gaining weight around my waist even as I taught several fitness classes per week! Diets never worked for me! I thought I had no willpower until I experienced the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge and lost weight healthily & kept it off! My clients, friends & family have successfully integrated the SexyFit™ program into their everyday life and together we are thankful for our improved, priceless health!

Tammy Kelly age 43 Phlebotomist,
SexyFit™ and Wellness Coach


Tammy Kelly is SexyFitSuccess Story:

I found myself in a rut. I loved my job but I needed more. After several years of watching my friend and mentor Tina blossom into this amazing person I decided to join her LiveWell Tribe. Since joining the team I have lost weight and my energy level and moods have improved. I am making healthy choices and treating myself better. I have become a Certified Wellness Coach and I love to help people with their health care needs. LiveWell is a positive influence in my life and I am so happy to be building my business, being my own boss and on my way to financial freedom.


Tammy is a wife and mother of two active teenage boys who keep her quite busy. She spends a lot of her time at track or swim meets and football games. She lives in Gilbert, Az. Her passions include swimming in her pool and spending family time with her husband, Dustin and two wonderful boys, Brody and Brendan.

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