I feel great, vital and happy!

Three years ago, I did my first SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge. I was very skeptical at first towards the shakes and the bars, because I believe in real and organic food.
However, I had been suffering from arthritis and inflammations in my fingers, wrists and joints. I tried several diets, went to see different therapists, took all kinds of supplements. Nothing worked. I work as a professional bodyworker/therapist, so I need my hands :-) Giving treatments to people became so painful, I was afraid I would have to stop working. So, against my own prejudice, I decided to take the challenge.
I used the Healthpak, Proflavanol, BiOmega, and Procosa and the result?

The inflammations were gone, no more pain!

I feel great, vital and happy. I lost quite some kilo’s too along the way from eating low-glycemically. I love the nutrimeal shakes and bars for healthy snacks – they are apart of my anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Today (3 years later), I still feel amazing – and my hands, wrists, and fingers are healthy again. I do keep up the Sexyfit™ lifestyle because it is easy, healthy, and delicious. I, of course, keep on my supplements because they keep my cells healthy and strong and help me prevent having physical complaints.

I wish everybody the love for yourself that will lead you to make healthy, Sexyfit™ choices. ;-)

Kathleen Zwakhoven, Belgium